Wall mounted unit

Wall mounted air conditioning units are the most common type of unit for the domestic market. They are typically the cheapest option available due to their ease of installation.

These style of units are available in top of the range  models with many features and functions to simpler budget models. These units are also available in different colours and styles, making them ideal for many different style of décor.

Wall mounted air conditioning units are also ideal for communications rooms where the control of room temperate is critical, as well as home offices, conservatories, outbuildings and home gyms.

Cassette unit

Cassette air conditioners benefit from four supply air outlets and coupled with their squared shape, this makes them the option for air conditioning for larger spaces that require more airflow.

These type of units need to fit within the ceiling void, meaning they’re extremely difficult to have installed downstairs and more appropriate to serve upstairs areas as they can sit within loft void space.

Building works are usually required in domestic applications as there’s a need to relocate joists to allow for positioning of the unit. In commercial environments, the units can sit in gridded drop in tile ceilings.

Cassette units are available in both 600x600mm and 950x950mm.

Ducted unit

Ducted air conditioning units are much nicer on the eye as the units are hidden within the ceiling void or loft area, leaving only the grill visible. A wide range of styles and colours are available for these grills.

Due to requiring space within a ceiling void, these units are very difficult to have installed to serve downstairs and are more suited to upstairs.

Ducted units feature multiple supply air grills, allowing the units to provide improved air distribution.

This style of unit is typically one of the more involved to install, meaning it’s one of the more expensive options but they’re ideal for larger commercial areas and open planned office spaces.

Floor mounted Unit

Floor mounted air conditioning units are fitted at a low level, similar to a radiator. They’re very similar to a wall mounted option as they are very easy for a professional air conditioning installer to fit.

The downside to floor mounted units is that you’ll be very limited to where you can install these. Also because the services would usually run under the floor, fitting this style of unit could result in quite disruptive works.

Wall Cassette Ducted Floor
Multi-room support
Range of styles
Upstairs installation
Downstairs installation

Single split system

Single split air conditioning systems are the most common type of system in use today, with one indoor unit and one outdoor unit.

This type of system would serve one area giving you individual heating and cooling control.

Multi split system

The multi split is system is  the ideal solution if you require more than one area to be heated or cooled.

The system consists of one outdoor unit that’s capable of serving 2 to 6 individual indoor units and is often seen in homes and small office/retail units.

You can also have a mix of the different units on this system so it’s very flexible, however it’s not possible to have simultaneous heating and cooling.

VRF/VRV system

VRF/VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume/Flow) systems are the most common type of system in the commercial market and is often seen in hotels, large offices and retail units.

These types of system benefit from the ability to offer simultaneous heating and cooling to a number of areas. Installation of these systems are on a much larger scale and are almost never found on your average domestic property.