Air Conditioning Servicing

Professional maintenance services

Fast and efficient air conditioning maintenance

Having your air conditioning system regularly serviced and maintained is paramount to protecting the investment you’ve made, maximising it’s energy efficiency and to ensure it lasts for years to come.

Many people believe that air conditioning maintenance costs too much money but the reality is that failure to maintain these systems correctly can lead to more expensive repair bills, reduced efficiency and can even cause potential safety issues.

Maximised efficiency

Cleaner systems can reduce power consumption by 30%

Cleaner air

Bacteria in your system can create unpleasant smells

Minimised repair bills

Small issues can cause a breakdown if left for too long

More convenient for you

Our F-Gas registered engineers can visit at a time to suit you

Silent running

Clean and efficient conditioning systems will operate quieter

Safer operation

A broken air conditioning system can leak dangerous gases

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Air conditioning systems are designed to last for many years but they do require regular maintenance to ensure they last for as long as possible.

Clean air conditioning systems can decrease energy consumption by up to 30%, reducing electricity bills as well as your carbon footprint. Dirty systems can also harbour foul smelling and dangerous bacteria.

Deferring maintenance can also cause undetected minor issues with your system to become expensive and disruptive issues if left for too long.